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Music Hyun modeling "Music" from Spork
Music Hyun, pictured above, totally rocks Spork’s latest offering. “Music” combines a low-rise paisley skirt with a complementing tank for a look that’s loose and light. The tank has well-defined ribbing, with an elongating deep-V neckline. The skirt is loose fitting, for a cool, casual feel. The skirt comprises three prims, so not much worry about your legs breaking through. The skirt rides low on the hips, showing a little midriff. Maybe it will catch the eye of that special someone? The outfit comes accessorized with the coolest set of bangles for both left and right forearms, a necklace with onyx stones on your choice of a gold, silver, or copper chain (the set includes all three metals), and my favorite, a sexy beaded belly chain, also in three metals. (Belly chains sometimes don’t fit much better than hula hoops, but GM has carefully contoured this one to the shape of a woman’s hips.) The tank and skirt are available in blue, green, red, teal, and umber. Just in time for you to waltz into spring, with that adorable skirt swaying from your hips!