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Bourbon in MEB Strawberry BlouseHere in California it’s springtime! The hills have turned that green color, the poppies are in bloom, and white puffy clouds drift across bright blue skies. Needless to say, I’m in the mood for some cool, light clothes. I have these lovely white pants, and I decided that a red blouse would be the perfect match for them. But, hmm, I didn’t have one. Nor did I recall seeing any in the stores recently. However, I couldn’t get out of my mind MEB‘s “Jennyfer,” with that royal blue silk blouse. And I thought to myself, “That blouse in red would be just what I’m looking for!”
So I happened to see MariaElena Barbosa online. I asked Maria, “Have you ever thought about making that blouse in red?”
“Hmm,” she replied.
Well later that night, she invited me to her studio, and asked if this was what I had in mind. All I can say is that it was perfect. The color is a crisp strawberry red, the uses of light and shading are what I’ve come to expect from Maria, and the embellishments are just delightful. The blouse is untucked and has rolled-up sleeves, and the fabric gives it a dressy casual look. That too cool bracelet attaches with the right sleeve.  This is such a fun addition to my spring wardrobe. Way to go, Maria!