Callie dress in tealLast week had been declared Bloggers Appreciation Week by caLLie cLine. It was an opportunity for designers to thank those of us who blog fashion by showering us with piles upon piles of gifts. To come in every evening and find my inbox stuffed with so many beautiful, thoughtful, kind gifts was simply overwhelming. And the care that went into each of them was so touching.

Of course, I thank each and every last designer for making this such a special week. We blog because we get so excited about your creations that we just have to tell the whole world. So your kindness this week, as I said, so overwhelming, was just the cherry on the cake.

And this all was the brainchild of Callie Cline, one of the major movers and shakers in SL fashion. (Arguably in SL. Period.) This group seems likely to continue on as a network for designers and bloggers; one of those things that you never knew you needed until you got one. Callie, what can I say? You rock!