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Hope Ivory 10PU and 4PU

Tuli Asturias has been busy of late.  Last week, she sent me the new Gothic line of her Hope skin, and now she has released the Ivory line of Hope.  “Ivory” is a beautiful off-white skin tone, lighter than “Goth,” but still with a little color on the cheeks.  The definition of Hope skins is wonderful, as can be seen in this close-up.  Tuli has 10 makeups available.  They range from neutral lips and eyes through various shades of lip color and eye shadow.  There is one makeup with runny mascara, and another, shown at left, in which I seem to have had an overzealous feeding.  Whichever makeup you fancy, the skins come with and without push-up breast shading (push-up shown here).

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Hope’s Goth and Ivory skins.  You might enjoy a trip to Tuli to treat yourself to a new skin.  You can play with a whole new look!