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spork-willow-poster-512x384What girl doesn’t need a little black dress?  Or, wait…  Maybe a long black dress?  Not to worry!  Spork’s latest release, “Willow,” comes with both mid- and full-length skirts.  “Willow” is Spork’s first formal since “Grace” was released last winter.  And in the mid-length version, “Willow” is a stunning cocktail dress.  Savor a close look.  The skirt is slit up the left side, giving you a nice, long leg line.  A small swath of delicate black lace runs down that slit, inviting a little peek at your leg.  (Oh, you will be such a tease!)  And the cherry on the cake?  Those beautiful black rosettes that join the lace to your hip.  But that just describes the skirt.  As your eyes follow the line up from the waist, you can see the seductive way the bodice laces up to just below the bustline.  From behind, you show a generous amount of shoulder, and in front, the asymmetric neckline will let you wear anything from a choker to a nice string of pearls.  “Willow” comes packaged with both the mid- and full-length skirts for L$320.  Time to come visit the Spork mainstore at Malt and indulge yourself with a little black dress.  Or wait…  Maybe a long black dress, at the same time?