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TiffanyBlack and white. Sounds simple, right? Not after MariaElena Barbosa finishes with it. Maria can turn black and white into ebony and ivory (to borrow from Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney).

Continuing with the color theme of her fall collection, Maria’s textures on “Tiffany” call to mind a black crushed velvet jacket with white silk lining, and an ivory linen skirt. Talk about chic! If I had this in my rl closet, I would be wearing it to tea at the country club. Wearing the jacket alone is deliciously revealing, but if you want to dress it up a little, you could shop around for a pastel blouse. The silhouette flatters almost any shape. The deep V of the neckline and the flare of the jacket, along with the full skirt, will show off your luscious curves. This is really fun to accessorize, too. The black and white, being simple neutrals, leave the door wide open for almost any color you want to bring in. In the picture at left, I added a little bit of pizazz with MEB’s red sunglasses.

The set comes with an attractive pair of black stilettos, but there is so much you can do with this look. I’m shown in the picture wearing Kalnin’s “Empress” shoes; I can also see wearing dark red or bronze boots. An ivory skirt and black jacket are a must for any fall wardrobe. Catch a ride to MEB’s main store.