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GoGo_003Do you ever have the itch to get into a 60’s discotheque groove?  Well, pull on the white boots, spin the Jimi Hendrix and slip into “GoGo” for a little travel back in time.  Spork’s latest hot release is reminiscent of the disco club scene of the late 60’s to early 70’s.  “GoGo” features a skin-tight, sinfully short skirt and a bicolor bodice.  The cutout across the tummy lets you offer a tantalizing peek, but without giving anything away.  And you will be winking over the shoulder at your dance partner as he takes in a long, slow look at your bare back.  Topping it off, the shoulder lace adds that extra little touch of femininity.  Indulge your craving for your favorite color; “GoGo” is available in amethyst, chartreuse, emerald, fuchsia, ochre, and tangerine.  These color selections will brighten up your autumn outings.  “GoGo” is priced at L$300 for individual colors, or L$1500 for the fatpack of 6.   Spork’s  main store is in the Malt shopping district.  You can go home, wriggle into your sexy new dress, and get ready for one hot night out on the town!