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spork-Bourbon-poster-branded-512x384Spork has released a lovely new dress, “Bourbon.” I mean, look at it! It’s brilliant.

Usually when I write a post for Spork’s blog, I upload a copy here, too. Well, you can follow this link to the Spork blog and read about “Bourbon” there. This time I’m going to take a different tack.

GM Nikolaidis and his fabulous wife Barbara Nicholls are among my oldest friends here. There are a handful of people who have had an enormous influence on my modeling career, and I owe so much to GM. GM was one of my trainers way back at CC (temp) Academy. I first learned about print modeling from him, and in fact, what he taught me became the groundwork for the photography unit that I now teach at LOOK Elite Models. GM shot my first portfolio; how exciting that was for me! He shot the winning photo in the Adam n Eve Model pinup contest last year. Yes, I was a fledgling model once, and anyone who has passed that way knows what a struggle it is for young models to start their careers. When I felt discouraged, GM’s respect gave me the self-confidence to continue.

Last fall, GM launched his clothing label, “Spork.” He sent me this delightful little tank, “Blue Summer,” and asked for my critical evaluation. I have since inspected every release for defects (a search that has become altogether fruitless), and I can guarantee that every item in the store is flawless. More than that, I mean, wear something from Spork and take a close look. It is a small club of designers who can equal the quality. The attention to detail, the originality of design, the emotion that wearing these clothes evokes, inspire you keep an eye open for each new release. Early this year I was privileged, with Laura18 Streeter, to co-produce Spork’s first two fashion shows (at which we debuted Spork’s formal gown, “Grace”). I do the occasional photoshoot for Spork, and I get to write the blog posts for new releases. I have had a happy and fulfilling relationship with Spork, and feel blessed to be part of the Spork family.

So I can’t describe the emotion I felt when Freedom Parx sent me a folder named “[spork] Bourbon – preview.” To say I was overwhelmed, or flattered, would seem trite. The feeling runs much deeper.

Well, let me conclude with something I didn’t write in the official Spork post. It’s happened before that GM sends me a preview, I try it on, and think, “Well, this is it. I guess he’ll hang it up, now. He’s never going to top this one.” And then the next one comes out *grins*. So, as breathtaking as “Bourbon” is, I’m quite sure that GM has a few more rabbits to pull out of his hat. GM, Barb, all the Spork team, you guys ROCK!!!