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Red Carpet by MEBI fell in love with MariaElena Barbosa’s designs the first time I walked into her store, about a year ago.  I was taken with her creative use of colors – quite an eye-opener for me, the girl who tends toward simple combinations that give dramatic effects.  Maria’s eye popping designs get your attention, but wait until you get your clothes home and try them on.  That’s when you see the amazing detail and realism of what you just purchased.

Maria’s clothes run from urban grunge to dressy casual.  (She even has a few pieces that make for chic business wear.)  As one of her fans, I have wistfully wondered what she could produce if she ever turned her creative energy to formal wear.  Well, now I know.

Melusina Parkin sent me “Red Carpet,” and let me tell you, it is everything I dreamed of, and more!  I can best describe this deep passionate red gown (Rouge) as rich, plush, and elegant.  When you wrap this stunning gown around yourself, you are just going to melt with pleasure.  The bodice leaves you with a bare left shoulder, and the back, with its asymmetric cut, will make you stop and take a second look.  The detail of the folds of the silk skirt, both front and back, will set your little heart to pattering!  Melusina tells me that the gown will be available in grey with the winter releases.

“Red Carpet” is available for L$990.  Treat yourself to a trip to the MEB main store!