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MEB’s winter catalog features some very cozy warm ensembles. Last Sunday I attended a show which debuted these lovely releases. There is “Aspen,” with the cuddly white turtle neck, a short-sleeve wool jacket and skirt; “Club 55” (which I saw Laura18 Streeter wearing last evening) with it’s terribly sexy leather jacket; and the alluring “Salsa” dress, just to name a few. Oh, and let’s not forget that MariaElena Barbosa released “Red Carpet” in grey! It is well worth picking up the winter catalog, or dropping by the store to see the collection.

But what is really warming my heart right now is a new coat from MEB called “Foggy.” The blue and white fabric is both eye-catching and classy, and the length of the coat gives just the right cute-sexy look.  Although I’m shown wearing pantyhose from Insolence, “Foggy” would also look great with bare legs or over a pair of jeans or black dress pants.  But what really makes the outfit are the matching boots and belt.  Those ivory boots with the knit tops are just too adorable for words.  I don’t think I’m going to be able to take them off anytime soon!  And the matching belt with the gold buckle and black stone tie the whole ensemble together.  Score another one for MEB.

I don’t know if Melusina Parkin had in mind the chilly fog rolling in through the Golden Gate when she gave “Foggy” to this California girl.  But whether I’m bundled up for winter, or wrapped up against the legendary summer fog of San Francisco, I’ll be in top style, wearing MEB’s “Foggy!”