Last Sunday, Laura18 Streeter and I hosted a murder mystery party. It was “Beauty Shop of Horrors” from Host-Party.com. The theme was that one of the local girls was to reopen her grandmother’s beauty shop after many years. However, just before the grand opening, she was… MURDERED!!! And one of the guests invited to the opening was the murderess.

In case you have never been to a murder-mystery party, each guest assumes a role of one of the characters. Guests are given clues to either reveal or conceal throughout the party, and let me tell you, lively discussions ensue. Oh, my, the accusations fly! In the end, we each make a guess as to who committed the crime, following which, the solution is finally revealed. This was the second time I have hosted one of these parties in Second Life, and we have all had the most fun imaginable! In the picture, left to right and top to bottom are Julia Brand, Nataly Tiponi, and BlackDahlia Rodenberger; Jud Carter, Bety Dudek, Melusina Parkin, Madeleine Dollinger, and BlackBarbie Bravin; Bourbon Zenovka, and Laura18 Streeter.

In Second Life, you can pretty much do whatever you like. So Laura and I had a lot of fun setting up a beauty shop and creating the crime scene. It really adds to the fun to have a realistic set like that, together with all the props. To have a look at the fun, you can view Laura’s slide show, or my flickr set.