This morning Tuli Asturias sent a few additions to her “Bella” line: “For Your Eyes Only,” and “For Your Lips Only.” In each of these packs you will find four makeups. As you might imagine, “For Your Eyes” emphasizes strong eye shadows with natural lip colors, while “For Your Lips” applies delicious lip colors, and keeps the eye shadow light. I’m shown here wearing F.Y.L.O pink.

In the Lip series, the lip colors are suitable for both daytime and evening. The Eye series is oriented more toward evening, although I am looking forward to wearing “Dusk” as a casual daytime makeup, as well.

“Bella” is a nicely balanced freckled skin; the freckles are clearly visible, but not overdone. Pale, fair, sunkissed, tanned, and dark tan skin tones are available. Each skin comes with three options for shading around the breasts, for a variety of cleavage effects. Each pack of 4 makeups sells for L$2,000, quite a bargain as far as I’m concerned.

“Bella” is pretty. I mean, take a look at that picture. Need I say more?