Some exciting news from MEB! This morning I was treated to a sneak preview of something totally new from MariaElena Barbosa: a hat with hair. As far as I know, this is Maria’s first venture into either piece, and she has blended them beautifully. The hat will be available in a variety of patterns; here I am shown wearing “Blue Crossy.” The hair is totally awesome. A few naughty wisps of hair escape from the hat and fall across the face. In the back is a nice thick braid. The braid is off the back enough that it won’t disappear into your shoulder each time you turn your head. Maria doesn’t settle for a simple scrunchy, either; the braid is tied with a pony tail holder, which sports a gorgeous onyx stone set in silver. Pure class! Julia should be available soon.

Also shown, I’m wearing the Audrey coat in red, and the grey squared flade front scarf, both from MEB.