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Sometimes in Second Life, someone who has has been hiding her talents will at last reveal them, like a flower blossoming in the spring. And so I would like to tell you about Melusina Parkin, who began the new year by opening her store, Melu Deco.

Melu Deco is an adorable little store tucked away in Bayou Noir, and it is the realization of Melu’s passion for art, furniture, and fashion of the period. Here, Melu has on display the art deco furniture and household accessories she has lovingly crafted these last months. In her store, you will find several tables and chairs, table and wall lamps, framed artwork, and a credenza, which I consider to be her pièce de résistance. Melu has selected lovely wood textures for her furniture, including redwood burl for a lamp base. You can also find rugs for sale, so finely textured that you can make out the nap on the surface. All of Melu’s pieces are very reasonably priced.

Bring a friend along with you, because after you have immersed yourself in Melu’s store, you will want to relax at one of the patio tables outside the store. Bayou Noir, despite its foreboding name, is a charming little New Orleans themed shopping district. So set aside a little time; a visit to Melu Deco is an outing you will want to savor.