Sometimes an acquaintance asks me, or sometimes someone sees my “LOOK Academy Director” tag and asks me. “Do you think I can be a model?” “Is it difficult become a model?” Well, let’s look at that.

Modeling is a labor of love; it requires a great deal of time and effort, as well as determination. You will put some money into it before you start to see a return. And there are no guarantees of success. But it is possibly the most rewarding experience you can have in SL. So if you are still interested, read on.

First of all, it doesn’t matter what you look like right now. In Second Life of course, we can have just about any look we want. But the students who go through my classes don’t undergo radical makeovers; rather, they work on fine-tuning and finessing their looks. So don’t let doubts about your look hold you back.

Modeling is time-intensive. It starts with your training. Some programs can get you through in a few weeks; if you take my full course at LOOK Elite Models, you will be in for five months (yes, that’s months) of nearly weekly training. And during your training you should start entering contests and castings. Graduating from a training program frees up your time for more contests, castings, and hopefully shows and shoots. You need to get your face out there. The more of these types of activities you can participate in, the more you will come to be known.

So here might be a good place to bring up the subject of determination. There are many, many beautiful models out there, and you will be competing against the best. As you get your modeling career underway, you will experience more let downs than successes. You need the type of personality that allows you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back in the game.

And speaking of let downs…  You might run across agencies that promise you steady work once you complete their programs.   Let’s just say, do your research.

A model’s attitude is so important. You can find successful models who are divas, and successful models who are humble. Perhaps my take on the matter is best summarized from a line in my profile box: “I seek to achieve success by collaborating with my peers, rather than their failure.”

What about money? Well, you have already probably spent a small fortune on quality skins and hair. Then there is the cost of training. Training programs can cost L$5,000 to L$15,000. Compared to what you will eventually spend in modeling, that 5 – 15K will be a drop in the bucket. So rather than shopping cost, look at what the program offers, does it match your needs, and are you comfortable with the staff. Buying clothes, accessories, and so on for all the contests and castings will not be trivial. I don’t think it’s necessary to spend hundreds of dollars each month on these things (I certainly never did). But the fact is, you will have to spend money on your modeling career. And fewer and fewer agencies now pay their models. I suppose that is because so many models are desperate enough that they settle for no pay. My feeling, however, is that a trained, experienced model should be treated professionally, and that includes pay.  If you are fortunate, you may someday see a positive cash flow from modeling.

Have I scared you off now? I hope not.  I just want you to go into this with your eyes open, and not be disillusioned down the road.  There are so many compelling reasons to become involved in modeling. The designers are awesome, and I always look forward to meeting them. It is a privilege to show the fruits of their creativity on the runway or in a studio. Hard to describe that feeling. I have met my closest friends through modeling, and that is the richest experience of all. So, if you can go into it with this attitude, well, maybe you can be a model, and a happy one.