“The elegance of a young woman making her first formal appearance in society is a fitting image for Spork’s newest gown.”  This was the lead-in for the description of “Debutante,” which was released Saturday.  As it turns out, Debutante is Spork’s final release.  I guess that’s irony, eh?

As I went to bed that night, after GM told me he was considering closing Spork, I had that heavy feeling in my tummy, like you get when saying good bye to a dear friend.  For sure GM and Barb are not going anywhere, but Spork has been part of my life for a year and a half.  GM entrusted me to inspect each release to find the smallest imperfection, so he could make it right before final release.  I wrote many of the outfit descriptions that appeared in the Spork blog, and I was privileged to model in a number of store posters.  Spork has been a rich and rewarding part of my SL experience, and I will miss it, I will miss the interactions.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank the whole Spork team for the great ride!

On the bright side, GM is planning to get back into photography.  Without a doubt, GM is one of the most brilliantly creative photographers in SL, so we can look forward to seeing more of that side of his talent.

In the meantime, between now and Feb 15, everything in the store is on sale for L$50 or less each item.  There are some amazing clothes down there (for example the Ashbury skirt and tube top pictured above), so be sure to drop by.