Recently in the Fashion Bloggers group chat, someone asked who had the most detailed and natural skins.  I watched to see what names would come up.  Only a very few were mentioned, but one of them was Tuli.  And no wonder!
Tuli Asturias has raised the bar with the release of “Eva.”  The coloration and shadings are simply gorgeous.  In the full length photo at left, I chose to show one of the tan skin tones (no. 6), so that you can best see the lovely contrasts.  The facial features are amazing, for example the creases in the eye lids and the shape of the lips.  The makeup is both subtle and complex (in the photo at left for example, note the smoky shadow around the eyes with a little shimmer under the brows).  One touch I especially love is the little bit of glitter on the lower lid (take a close look at makeups 5 and 10, shown).  As usual with Tuli, a variety of makeups are available, for day or evening.
“Eva” is available in seven skin tones.  The lightest is an ash-like tone, perfect for your fantasy avatar. As we move into the more natural skin tones, Tuli starts with a delicate cream complexion (no. 2, show).  Three eyebrow colors are included (two for the darker skin tones).  At the other end of the spectrum is an exquisite dark skin tone (no.7, picture).  From these or the skin tones in between, you should be able to easily find your perfect skin.
Each skin comes with a natural and a push-up cleavage version.  All skins are shaved, and pubic hair is available in the store, free of charge.  Tuli’s store is located in Journey.