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Left: anthracite, with MEB's Riviera skirt. Right: red

MEB’s release of the month for April is the classic leather jacket Miuccia, available now in antracite and red.  (It is still available in the original natural brown.)  Miuccia was one of the first MEBs I bought, way back in 2008.  As I was trying on the new colors, something remarkable struck me.  Take a look at the definition of the leather texture; or the accents, such as the pockets and the buttons on the sleeves.  These are characteristics you would expect to see in the work of a seasoned designer.  But Maria had only been designing clothes for 3 months when she first released Miuccia!  Where am I going with this?  Miuccia is still a breathtaking, fresh piece that will show the world that you know how to dress with style and class.  Miuccia is versatile, as well.  The stylists at MEB suggest that for a sophisticated look, pair the jacket with a longer skirt.  For a more hip style, it looks terrific with a little mini.  Really, you should get together with a few of the girls and make your way to MEB before the end of the month.
Price:  Individual colors (anthracite and red) L$290 ea; fat pack (both colors) L$190
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