Sayuri: Left: tone 1 makeup 08; Right: tone 2 makeup 07

I have a little secret to tell!  This afternoon I received a preview pack from Tuli Asturias.  I’m always anxious to see what Tuli has been doing, and when I unpacked the box, I was in for a real treat.

Tuli has created a Japanese skin, named Sayuri.  It’s always exciting for me to see a talented designer branch out into new areas.  Beyond developing a new ethnic skin line, Tuli has has created a graceful skin with amazing realism.  The features are soft and dainty, rendering a face of perfect beauty.  Pictured above are two of the makeups with stronger lip colors; some of the other makeups have lighter lip colors.  You won’t want to wear prim lashes over these delicate eyes.  No worries, the eye lashes are painted on.

Sayuri is available in two skin tones, as shown above, 10 makeups in each skin tone.  Each skin comes with natural and push-up cleavage.  Freckled versions of each skin are available.  All skins are shaved, and tintable pubic hair is available for free at the store.  Release is scheduled for April 22.

Store: Journey/124/173/22/

Permissions:  copy / no mod / no transfer