Left: skin tone 3, makeup 07; Right: skin tone 4, makeup 04

Tuli Asturias recently retired a few of her older skin lines to make room in her store for some new releases.  This week she sent out preview copies of her newest, “Jade.”  Actually, she sent a two-fer; more on Jade’s eyes in a bit.

If you have worn Tuli’s Hope or Eva lines, Jade will feel comfortable and familiar.  She carries through the same shapes of the facial features, for example, lips and eyes.  So you can wear Jade while maintaining a continuity in your look.  The Jade skin looks a little less glossy that Eva, a softer glow.  The eyelashes are painted on the lids à la Hope, so prim lashes are optional.   What’s new with Jade are the stunning makeups.  They tend toward strong, but as you can see from the pictures above, they are very wearable.  Lip colors rage from neutral to bold, eye shadow light to heavy.  One of the things I’ve come to appreciate about Tuli’s skins are how well balanced the makeup is.  Jade is available in 5 skin tones, from a gothic pale to dark, 10 makeups, each with 3 variations of cleavage and 3 eyebrow colors.

As I mentioned, Tuli is also releasing a set of eyes, also called “Jade.”  Back when I was but a lowly modeling student myself, GM Nikolaidis impressed upon us that the first feature people are drawn to, when they look at a photo, is the eyes.  Tuli’s Jade eyes are light and sparkly; I’m wearing the color “sky” in the photos.  Jade eyes will be available in 8 colors.

Jade is scheduled for release on Friday, 28 May.  Store: Journey/124/173/22/