A few months ago, I previewed “Orange Juice,”  a fun little bit of summer beach wear by Giulia Janus.  Giulia is a talented Italian designer who was soon to debut in the SL fashion scene.  Giulia has been around SL for a while, as an established photographer and having done a little building.  But touring Giulia’s studio, this fashionista quickly recognized that some exciting new clothing was about to be released.  Since then, Giulia has opened her store, and today Laura18 Streeter and I paid a visit to Giulia and her store.

At La Luna di Carta (Paper Moon), you will find a very nice selection of clothing ranging from swimwear to formal.  Everything in the store reflects Giulia’s great sense of style.  I instantly fell in love with a semi-formal, “Blackstar,” pictured above.  “Blackstar” wraps you in deep black velvet all the way down to the flowing bell bottoms.  Peeking out from the lace draped from the hat, you will have that seductive, mysterious look.  And the lace is adorned with what else?  Stars and crescent moons.  The same lace pattern shrouds your shoulders, and adorns a small skirt and the trimmings on the pants and ribbons.  A bold black choker dresses up the throat, and black stilettos with dark red heels is included with the set.  I love everything about “Blackstar!”  The price is amazing, just L$299.

There are a couple totally cute gifts at the store, and while you are there, treat yourself to your favorite of Giulia’s outfits.

Store location:  Gyul 147/102/24