Feed a Smile is a fundraising event to feed children in Kenya.   Contributors are donating items designed exclusively for the Feed a Smile event.   (Or, in the case of L&B Black Label Productions, we are donating photo shoots.)   Feed a Smile is sponsored by the nonprofit organization Live and Learn in Kenya.  L$100 will feed a child one meal, and 100% of your contributions reach the children in Kenya.

A couple of the designers I have reviewed in this blog are contributing.  Shown on right is Provo from Alge’s Designs.  Provo is a hot little Romanesque style minidress with spaghetti straps and an asymmetric skirt.  Savana by La Luna di Carta can be worn as a shirt and skirt or a bikini, and includes necklace, bangles, and flip-flops.

As I mentioned, L&B is contributing photo shoots; a voucher for 5 pictures can be purchased for L$1,000.

The event is to be held 10 July – 18 July, although you can already drop by for purchases.  Location: roof of G&N Design, Pepita/109/127/43/