If you haven’t seen MEB’s summer collection yet, you are in for a treat.  Let me introduce you to MariaElena Barbossa’s summer formal, “Black Carpet.”  Not to be confused with “Red Carpet” which is available in several colors, “Black Carpet” is an entirely new release.  “Black Carpet” is a strapless bicolor gown, with an open skirt.  The white and charcoal colors create a dramatic contrast.  “Black Carpet” wraps you in rich satin, with a dark sheer shell draping over the skirt.  It’s summer now, and on a hot July night, one might find the usual full-length skirt to be a little much.  So Maria has given us a daring open skirt for a cooler, more laid back feeling.  MEB’s black vernish stilettos are included with the gown.  “Black Carpet” is available for L$650.  So let your hair down, show off those nicely tanned legs, and turn heads wherever you go.

Also note that MEB is celebrating their new main store in KLIO with free L$100 giftcards.  You can pick one up in the main hall.

Location: KLIO 109/199/23