Two words I love to use in the same sentence: “sexy” and “elegant.”  Those were the first two words that popped into my head when I tried on”Noir” from La Luna di Carta.  “Noir” is a fabulous offering from Giulia Janus.  First of all is it’s versatility.  In the picture I am modeling the short skirt version.  However, a full length skirt is included so that it can be worn as a full-out formal.  The short skirt attaches to both upper legs, so the problem of breakage is minimized.  The full length skirt carries down the satin fabric from the bodice, layered over with a generous shell of the same starry lace seen on the short skirt.  Black satin opera gloves look totally hot worn with either the short or long versions.

With “Noir,” Giulia has you covered from head to toe.  In the headshot above, you can see the black pearl earrings and choker, and the black pearls embedded in the lace collar.  Black stilettos dotted with pearls finish the set.  All this for L$299.  Amazing!

Location: Gyul /148/102/24