“Positano,” inspired by the picturesque town on the Amalfi coast, is one of the sexiest outfits of the MEB summer 2010 collection.  In keeping with Black & White Summer, “Positano” is a zebra-print themed top and skirt.  One of the first things that struck me about MariaElena Barbosa’s clothing was her unique use of color.  I had never seen anyone bring colors together in an outfit the way she had, and it really opened doors for me in the way I think about color in my wardrobe.  Now, with this collection, Maria shows she is equally talented with a monochromatic palette.  The top is amazing.  The collar is rolled down into a deep scoop neck; in back the knotted collar hangs low as well.  The bottom is bunched up below the bust, and worn as a loose-fitting attachment.  You might expect a charcoal top like this to have found its way into a cold season collection, but it is, rather, an open and breezy piece, perfect for these hot summer days.  (Or nights!) For the skirt, Maria departs from the usual zebra print, and instead opts for a geometric stripe pattern.  It works brilliantly.  Next, take a look at the attractive bracelet included with the outfit.  And the icing on the cake?  How about slipping your feet into those HAWT zebra-stripe stilettos?  Mmm, it’s good to be a woman!  “Positano” is available for L$590.

Location: KLIO/107/199/23/