Tuli Asturias has been busy working on something exciting.  Well, a new skin from Tuli is always exciting, but this one is a little extra.  Audrey comes with tattoo layers for lip color!  So let me first express my admiration and appreciation for the skin designers such as Tuli, who have given us wonderful makeups on a single skin layer.  At the same time, getting just the right combination of lip color, eye shadow, blush, and so forth, that works best with your eyes, hair color and facial features requires some flexibility.  So when Viewer 2 gave us the tattoo layer, suddenly all kinds of possibilities opened up.  And Tuli’s Audrey?  Well worth the wait!

Audrey is available in four skin tones; each skin includes brown and copper eyebrows and freckle / no freckle versions.  Cleavages are included as undershirt layers and tattoo layers.  Tattoo layers?  For cleavage?  Yup.  Lashes, too.  Viewer 2.1 and higher supports multiple tattoo and clothing layers.  Imagine that: no more choosing between hair base and makeup!  So, yes, you can wear cleavage, lips, and hair base, all as tattoo layers.  I think I counted 12 lip colors (each in gloss and matte) to wear on top of those amazing Tuli lips.  The lips on the base skin are a nice natural color, and look well on their own.  So now you can wear your sexiest lip color with your favorite eye makeup!

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