As I read back through my previous reviews of MEB releases, I find a common thread.  I always have the sense that the outfit is so good, Maria has set a mark for herself that she will not be able to surpass.  And invariably, in my next review, I must humbly admit that I was wrong.  Well, yet again I admit my error.  (When will I learn?)  With the luscious furs, the must-have boots, and Maria’s distinctive design style, the MEB Winter 2010 Collection has yet again raised the bar.  The Flash ensemble brings together all of these elements, so follow along and see what I mean.

Before I look at the individual pieces, I would like to step back and look at the outfit as a whole.  Maria has a talent for combining elements in ways that cause you to stop and take a second look.  Flash has a look that is young and fresh, while at the same time sophisticated.  The patent leather boots, the warm gold blouse, and the plush bolero are posh, while the tiny mini and the knee socks peeking above the boot tops are playfully girlish.  Let’s take a look at the individual pieces.

The boots alone are worth the price of the outfit.  And this, coming from Boot Girl.  The boot uppers conform to the calves beautifully, the heel and toe are so well proportioned, and the texture is about as realistic as you can get.  The bolero?  I just want to wrap that piece all around me and snuggle into that sumptuous fur.  The black mini, embellished with an onyx jewel and daringly short, is for the woman who wants to say, “Oh, yes I can!”

I found the prims easy to fit.  Being a little petite, I shrank the skirt quite a bit.  But the bolero hangs loosely and didn’t need any resizing.  The skirt, boots, and coat are all scripted, but since they are no-copy, think twice before killing the script.

Flash costs L$590 and includes skirt, blouse, bolero, boots, and socks.  Considering the variety of pieces included, Flash is a dream come true for fashionistas who love to mix-and-match.  The six outfits in the Winter collection range in price from L$290 to L$750.  The entire Winter Collection can be purchased in a fatpack at 25% off (2500 L$) until December 15th.  (Guys, this is a good thing to keep in mind with the holidays coming up, especially since purchases are transferable.)

Have a look at the Winter Collection at Melusina Parkin’s photo stream.  You might agree with me that Maria has achieved a level that will be difficult to surpass.  But why do I have the feeling I am setting myself up to be put down again?

Peace out 🙂

Location: KLIO 109/199/23