This morning, as I was driving to the gym, the frost was heavy on the ground.  It made me wish for warm sweaters with big cozy collars and warm wool socks.  Hey!  Throw in a fun little skirt, and that sounds a lot like Stipes Girl from Alge’s Designs.

Stripes Girl will bring out the girlish side of you.  The sweater comes in two lengths, one cropped below the bust, and one cropped, mmm, a bit higher.  Well, to be honest, there is a lot of you that the sweater won’t keep warm.  But let’s face it, you will simply radiate warmth!  The skirt is just adorable.  It is short and swishy, and it is topped off with a little belt with a cuuuuute buckle in the shape of a heart.  The lamb wool thigh-high socks are absolutely perfect, in either a playful black and white striped version, or solid black.  Either way, the socks make this skimpy little outfit appropriate for the chilly days ahead.

The only item that I really needed to fit was the skirt.  But the skirt is modifiable, and I easily took it down to fit my little hips.  The skirt is available in black and white (shown) or black with a delicate silver pattern.  The sweater is available in black and white.  Either way you choose to go, you will be the hottest thing around on these frosty autumn days!

Location:  Alge’s Designs Ayia Napa/37/156/22/