Well, last week I rooted around in my closet and surfaced with my skates.  Yay!  My Bax skates have a very nice AO, but I thought it would be fun to take it up a few notches.  So I searched marketplace for ice skating animations, and lo and behold!  The first hit was the :KH: Ice Skate AO with Shoes.

What a find!!!  This is a full-on AO, with walks, stands, jumps, a run, a fly, and more!  Pictured at the top is one of the six walks; I think in skating parlance this is called a “camel.”  Above is one of the stands.  I can’t capture the full emotion of the animation in a still shot, but imagine idly turning in place while talking with your friends.  Below is one of the jumps, a tight fast rotation.

These animations are just plain FUN!  No, wait, they’re just plain CUTE!  Aww, they’re amazing!  And as a model and photographer, I can vouch that these are technically very well made.  I think that the highest endorsement is that within minutes of seeing my new AO, three of my friends each had one, as well.  And at L$700, it is a real bargain.

So marketplace.secondlife.com, ice skating animations, :KH: Ice Skate AO with Shoes.  (Although in the pictures I am wearing my Bax skates)  And the pictures were shot at the ice rink at the Klio shopping district.