"Claire" skin, fair tone, light brows, "Oxygen" makeup

“…and most of all, my God, how DOES she make her eyes do that?” – from Girl Inside My Head, recorded by Blues Traveler.  At the risk of revealing our little secret, we all know it’s in the eye makeup.

The eyes are what most struck me, when I reviewed the version of Claire that was released at TDR recently.  The brows are exceptionally well defined, and the balance of the makeup draws attention to the eyes.  As with all of Tuli’s skins, there are three options for tattoo layer eyelashes.  Here I am showing the blue lashes, which go particularly well with the Oxygen makeup; however, if you wish to use your own prim lashes, you can forgo the tattoo lashes altogether.

Each pack of Claire skins (L$2,500)  includes 6 eye makeups, 12 lipstick tattoos, 3 cleavage options, freckle tattoos, and 3 eyelash tattoos.

Put Claire’s eyes together with those sensuous lips, and you have a heart-stopping look.

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