Tanya, Bronze tone, Enigma makeup, Ruin lips, Boost cleavage, Black eyelashes

Continuing with Tuli’s releases, let me introduce you to Tanya.  If  you want to go a little bit sultry, I think Tanya is your skin.  Available in the four the darker skin tones and only with black eyebrows, Tanya has an exotic look.

If you need a little boost from your bustier, you can take advantage of one of the three cleavage options packaged with Tuli’s skins.  In the photo above, the cleavages from left to right are subtle (tattoo layer), default skin, and boost (tattoo layer).

Each pack of Tanya skins (L$2,500)  includes 6 eye makeups, 12 lipstick tattoos, 3 cleavage options, freckle tattoos, and 3 eyelash tattoos.  In case you’re counting, that’s 1,296 possible combinations!

Store location: Journey/124/173/22/