"Suzy" pigtails by Amacci

Who doesn’t love pigtails?  On those days when you’re feeling pert and spunky, a totally fun way to express yourself is to put your hair up in pigtails.  Take a look at Suzy pigtails by Amacci.  First there is the easy-going way that the bangs fall above the eyes. Then, well,  it doesn’t look like you spent a lot of time blow-drying your hair this morning.  (After all, a girl like you with a busy social life doesn’t have that kind of time!) Cute, cute, cute!

The hair itself is wonderfully made, with Amacci’s careful attention to detail.  Bands are scripted for color change.  Color packs (6 to 8 colors each) can be purchased for L$250; fatpacks (45 colors) go for L$900.

Location:  Amacci/178/125/23/