Eva, sunkissed skin tone, blonde brows, makeup 05 Shimmer, natural cleavage, Apricot lips

I first reviewed Eva almost a year ago (last March).  Looking back at those pictures, I see how well Eva has held up; still  lovely skin to be seen in.  Now, Tuli has touched up Eva a little, softening her face and adding a makeup.  Eva still has that fresh flush to her cheeks, and wonderful detail and shading all along the skin.  Shown in this picture with the “Shimmer” makeup, Eva’s eyes really light up.  Eva is available in five skin tones, from pale to bronze.  Each skin tone pack (L$2,500) includes 6 eye makeups, 12 lip tattoos, 3 cleavage options, 3 eyelash tattoos, and freckle tattoos.

Location: Journey/79/91/22.