Evolution 2 - 2011

At our house, Laura18 Streeter displays a photograph of herself that she shot in the Welcome Area on her first day in SL.  (How many of us thought to do that???)  She feels it is important that we remember where we came from.  In that spirit, I thought I would take a look at my own evolution over the last few years.

Well, I’m not going back as far as day 1.  But when I saw Luna’s announcement of teal, I right away thought of a picture that I shot back in 2008.  It is a picture of myself wearing a preview copy of a sweater that GM Nikolaidis had sent me.   I thought about just using that picture for this week’s challenge.  But I was intrigued with the idea of the same picture, but with my avatar of today standing in. Well, I’ve got more freckles, my hair is a little more tousled, I’m a little curvier.  Hmm…

Evolution 1 - 2008

About the background –  A few years ago during Fleet Week, I went with some friends up to the Marin Headlands to watch the Blue Angels perform over the Golden Gate.  Unfortunately, as it was late morning, the bridge is backlit.  But it’s still a great view!

Top photo: skin – Tuli “Claire” with Tuli lips and freckles; hair – Amacci “Milly”

Bottom photo: skin – Celestial Studios “Vogue”; hair – LAQ “Priss”

Both photos: sweater – Spork “Sarah Smiles”; jeans – UK Couture “Gianni”; necklace – ::69:: “Pyramid”