"Bourbon" by MEB - full length

I really don’t have words to express my emotions about an MEB release named “Bourbon.”  So instead, dear reader, let me describe this marvelous gown for you.

“Bourbon” is the formal-wear release from MEB’s Spring 2011 collection.  It is a plush gown in midnight blue, studded with the gold stars of a brilliant sky.  Always ahead of the curve, MariaElena Barbosa has used a deep-V neckline and bare shoulders to redefine “sexy” as pure elegance.  The fabric of the gown is rich and soft.  I love the way the bodice ties at the left waist, one of the subtle touches Maria designed into the gown.

"Bourbon" straps and earrings

The straps are prims, which give amazing depth and realism to the gown.  Rather than reaching down to the back of the gown, the straps hang on the shoulders; they stop at the mid- shoulder blade and end in gorgeous pearls.  Each strap comprises a row of gold stars to accent the theme of a romantic evening under the stars (please view the top photo at full size).  Earrings are included – a single pearl dangling from a bright gold star.  So simple, so elegant.  Also included are black stilettos with gold buckles.

Maybe on a warm spring night, you will feel as if you danced down from the Milky Way to grace  your starlight upon a world awaiting your beauty.

“Bourbon” is just one ensemble from the MEB 2011 Spring collection.  Others include more casual day and evening wear.  Stop by the store to see the entire collection!

“Bourbon” is priced at L$750, and includes the gown, earrings, and stilettos.

Location: KLIO 109/199/23