Bourbie Goes to the Grand Canyon

Again at a loss as to what to do for this week’s color challenge, I followed Laura18 Streeter’s lead and typed “umber” into my inventory search box.  Only a few items popped up, but what most caught my eye was an outfit from Spork called “Music.”  Sadly, Spork has left the scene, but many of GM Nikolaidis’s designs still look fabulous, this one included.

Alge's Designs skirt and House of Fox sweater

But going through my closet today, looking for something to wear, I also found an outfit that had a very hot skirt from Alge’s Designs.  Looked like umber to me.  Couldn’t choose between the two outfits, so this week it’s a two-fer!

Then the hunt was on for a location, and I came across the Grand Canyon sim!  I visited the real Grand Canyon a few years ago.  Whatever pictures you’ve seen, however majestic and spectacular the pictures appear, forget it.  They can’t capture the overwhelming scale of this feature on our planet’s surface.  Having said that, this sim is a reasonably good replication.  I almost expected to see a roadrunner deftly rounding a corner at full speed, followed closely by a coyote on an ACME rocket-powered unicycle NOT deftly rounding same corner;)

Upper picture – Skirt, tank, bangles, & belly chain: Spork “Music”; Shoes: J’s “Tassele Wedge Sandals”; Necklace: Earthstones “Peace Necklace”; Skin: Tuli “Claire”; Hair: Amacci “Coralee”; Windlight “ShadowSet”

Lower picture – Skirt: Alge’s Designs “Terra”; Sweater: House of Fox “Diva of the Future”; Skin: Tuli “Claire”; Hair: Amacci “Ulrica”