Sky blue speaks to me –  pastel satins and pretty ribbons.  So Hollee’s “Miranda” lingerie set came to mind.  (It comes with dainty little pasties, for the more modest among you.)  Her lingerie is mostly in the L$100 neighborhood, so take yourself over there and have a look.

The background was inspired by my drive last Saturday from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  Down Interstate-5 through the San Joaquin Valley, the fruit trees were all in bloom!  Miles and miles of white an pink flowers spread across the landscape.  What a sight to see!

The lingerie and fruit blossoms came together as a fruit box label.  Fruit box labels were an art form that began in the late 19th Century, used by growers to market their produce.  The example at left is an image of one displayed in my kitchen.  The artists were mainly German immigrants, and now the original lithographs are sought-after collectibles.  These artistic labels were used until pre-printed cardboard boxes displaced wooden crates.

My label has the main elements of a typical label: the brand name, a rendering of the brand (in this case yours truly standing in for Pomona, the goddess of fruit), the region, the packing house (fictitious), and a depiction of the tree and/or fruit.  And for those of you rolling your eyes at my choice of cherries for the fruit, well, I could never pass up such a ripe play on words;)

Lingerie Set:  Hollee “Miranda”; Skin: Tuli “Jade”; Lips: Amacci “Shiny Pink”; Blush: Amacci “Classic Rose”; Hair: LaQ: “Priss”; Nails: MorgaineParx Paris “Long Pointed”; Earrings: JCNY “Atlantis”; Necklace: NC “Diamonds Set”; Prop: Jagz “Cherry Pose Prop”