"Arienetta" by Orion

“Banana mania.”  I love it, Luna, it is one of those pastels that makes me think of Easter dresses and other pretty springtime things.  But as I write this, here in San Francisco we have had rain every day for the last two weeks.  And not that “April showers bring May flowers” rain.  No, I’m talking about that cold, dreary rain that blows in off the north Pacific.  So I was bundled in a warm sweater dress and wool tights when I plopped into the CHIC Limited store this morning.  But then, see what I found while browsing the store?  Well, the weather reporters say that the goddess of high pressure will be smiling on Northern California this week.  So with any luck, I will soon be in the mood for my pretty springtime things!

Dress: Orion “Arienetta”; Hat: Amacci “Andrea”; Earrings: La Forgia “Thalia Soft Earrings”; necklace: Petal Meg “Pansy Triple Drop Pendant”; Skin: Tuli “Claire”; Hair: Amacci “Shyla”; Backdrop: Kyla Riddler