Last Friday MEB released the summer collection.  You will find a new gown and dresses, but today I would like to feature this pretty little outfit called Grace.  What immediately jumps out at you is the bold floral print pants.  I just love the way the white flowers entwine around the deep fuchsia, hinting at a kimono.  In addition to the full-length pants shown, a boot-cut version is included.  I can see a pair of slouchy white boots with those pants.

Although the pants are the main event, let’s not overlook the other pieces.  There are some great mix-and-match possibilities with this outfit.  The white silk blouse is a must-have foundation piece; it can be worn with so many different items.  (Hint: looks fabulous with a pair of jeans.)  For a super casual look, you need not wear the included pearl necklace.  But adding in the necklace takes it up quite a few notches.

And, oh, did I mention the shoes?  The shoes have a hud for full color control of the feet, toes, and nails.  You can either use a graphical selection or type in RGB values.  Yes, the sandals are amazing with this outfit.  But again, imagine the possibilities!  Can you see yourself on the dance floor, your tiniest little skirt swishing around, and kicking your platforms with these impossible heels?  Won’t you be the hottest girl at the party?  Whew!  Calm yourself, there, Bourbie 😉

So here’s what you get: regular and boot cut versions of the pants, the white silk blouse, 3-strand pearl necklace, and prim-feet sandals, all for L$590.  Summer’s here.  What are you waiting for?

Location: MEB main store