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Rearranging the Furniture

Wood is one of God’s art forms.  Even the most talented artisans can only bring out the beauty of what She, through seasons of growth and dying, has fashioned within the tree.

Among the talented artisans in SL is my dear friend, Melusina Parkin.  She has a wonderful collection of wood textures that she applies to her furniture, and this sofa and chair set in mahogany is a fine example of her work.  (Low prim, and only L$450!)  If deco furniture catches your fancy, you should definitely hop out to her store.

Melusina and I recently had a discussion about mahogany.  When you look at a wood like pine or oak, the strong striations that you see are the growth rings.  Growth rings form as the growth rate of the tree changes during the course of a year.  Mahogany, growing in a tropical rain forest, lays down new wood at a fairly uniform rate throughout the year.  As a result, you tend not to see the alternating light and dark bands, but rather a smooth grain.  (So much for this week’s natural history lesson.  Good thing I spared you such a discussion when we did Grass.  Cuz when grasses showed up on the planet 65 million years ago…  aw, nevermind.)

As for the outfit, it is from Last Call.  Once in a great while, you might find Last Call at a yard sale, so do keep your eyes open.

Couch and chair set: Melu Deco; Hair: Amacci “Shyla” in mahogany; Skin: Tuli “Claire” Sunkissed; Skirt and top: Last Call “Micha”; Boots: Bax “Prestige”; Bangles: Fishy Strawberry “Bangles – wood”; Earrings Meghindo’s “Golden Crates”