"Naomi" by Sensuelle

(Originally published in BeStyle District Magazine Online.)

Something that always makes me stop and take a second look is a glimpse of the unexpected.  Nowhere is this more important than in the world of fashion.  A brilliant example of this effect is the new Naomi lingerie set from Sensuelle.  In pairing a revealing shelf bra with baby blue satin ruffles, Mirko Panacek has hit just the right note of naughty innocence.  Do you wish to send your beloved’s heart pounding tonight?  I think I’ve found just what you’re looking for.  Available for L$150.

"Ruby" by Sensuelle

To give a flavor of the variety that can be found at Sensuelle, I would also like to show you one of the new swimsuits, the Ruby bikini set.  Ruby is a daring sheer bikini, with both the bra and bottom laced so suggestively!  Although the bikini is white, it has mod permissions, so you can tint it to your favorite color.  (Hmm…  what color looks smashing on your skin tone?)  For a little extra fun, a wet version of the swimsuit is included.  Where the wet swimsuit clings to the skin… well, you’ll just have to see that one for yourself 😉  L$150.

Be it a fun day at the beach or a romantic evening with that special someone, you will look breathtaking in Sensuelle!

Ruby is sold with copy/mod permissions, and Naomi with transfer permissions.  Both sets include tattoo, undershirt/underpants, shirt/pants, and jacket layers.  And while you are at the store, you can pick up a couple gifts: a jade green bikini for the gals or cool swim trunks for the guys.

Location: Sensuelle, Rodeo Drive 112/61/23

Bra and panties set: Sensuelle “Naomi”; Skin: Tuli Claire; Hair: Truth “Sandra” copper (left) and Amacci “Electra” dark copper (right); Bracelets: Paris Metro “Heavy Metal Bracelets”; Necklace: Spork “Liquid Silver Necklace”; Poses: Exposeur “A Li’l Shy 1” (left) and “A Li’l Shy5” (right)

Swimsuit: Sensuelle “Ruby”; Skin: Tuli Claire; Hair: Amacci “Silje” dark copper; Poses: Amacci “Model_89”