Melon… now there’s a head-scratcher.  You see, I actually have two melons.  But I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate that I show my two melons for this blog.  For one thing, I think I might have already shown my two melons in a previous color challenge.  So although my two melons are nice and round and plump, I doubt that anyone would care to see my two melons again.  But mainly, the color of my two melons doesn’t remotely resemble Luna’s color chip.  Luna’s color chip is kind of pinkish, but my two melons have dark green rinds.  So I think it best to scratch my two melons and pursue a different theme.

Well, tucked away in a drawer, I found this lingerie set that very closely matches Luna’s color chip.  Pwetty, isn’t it?

But I think the star of the show here is the pose chair just released from Fluke.  There are 7 poses and 10 textures included with the chair.

Lingerie: Mon Amour Sweetheart Bra and Panty set; Skin: Tuli Claire sunkissed; Hair: Truth Tatiana copper streaked; Earrings: La Forgia Vertigo earrings; Chair and Pose: FlukePose chair.