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Did you know that my mom tried to poison me once?  That’s right.  She served me liver for dinner one night.  It almost worked, too.  I was quite young and I didn’t know any better, so I took a bite.  But I fooled mommy.   I spit it out before I ingested any, and gave the rest to the dog.  You know, dogs can eat almost anything and live to tell the tale.  Maybe it’s cuz they don’t chew and swallow whole?  I don’t know.

Well… liver.  Seriously, Luna?

I didn’t have anything in my inventory with “liver” in the name, but I thought this dress from Spork came reasonably close.  So with artistic license in hand, I set up the shot, and the rest (as they say) is history.

Dress: Spork Bourbon (yes it was, and yes I am that narcissistic); Skin: Tuli Claire; Hair: Amacci Ulrica; Necklace and bracelet: Mandala Pearl Rain; Bracelet: Mandala; Boots: Bax Prestige; Car and pose: Glitterati Supercar