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As mesh is all the rage now, I thought that this week I would pay homage to an old friend, the humble sculptie prim.  We have had a love-hate relation with the sculptie, haven’t we?  The sculptie brought a new level of realism to SL fashion.  But it was still a prim.  You know the drill.  You climb onto the pose stand, and meticulously fit each prim.  Then as soon as you hop off, your AO kicks in and ruins everything.

Mesh eliminates the fitting headache; you can’t even move the mesh up or down.  And in fact, that is its downside.  An article of mesh clothing may or may not fit your shape, and if not, there is nothing for it but to put that fun little dress back on the rack.  Furthermore, my friend Bety Dudek observed something.  You know how you’ve been subtly tweaking your shape all these years?  Fuhggethaboutit – your shape is defined by the mesh.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m TOTALLY excited about mesh, and I applaud the designers who are bringing us mesh clothing.  Their job is not easy, considering the range of shapes they must fit their clothes to.  And I have been combing the stores, trying to fill out my wardrobe with mesh.  But I think that I will still be wearing my favorite sculptie prims for some time to come..

Oh, and for the record, yes, for that piccie I adjusted the jacket prims to fit the pose.

What the pretty lady is wearing:

    • Jacket: Phoenix Rising Bree Jacket (red);
    • Top: from Garcon’s Meteor Dress (gold);
    • Pants: Ibizarre Leather Pants (silver);
    • Necklace: JCNY Atlantis Getaway;
    • Bracelet: Uzuri Kabyle (onyx);
    • Skin: [BLUSH] Elle (Almost Angelical);
    • Hair: Magika Kelly (Blonde A);
    • Pose: Amacci Model 1b