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Mosses have been around for a very long time – at least 300 million years.  They were among the first plants to colonize land.  But mosses are different from most of the plants around us.  Most of the plants that we are familiar with, from the shortest putting-green grass to the tallest redwoods, are “vascular plants.”  They have teeny-tiny pipes that conduct water from the roots all the way out to the leaves.  (How do you get a 100 meter column of water to the top of a redwood tree?  Not a trivial problem.)  But poor little mosses don’t have these teenie-tiny pipes, and so they will always be little ground-huggers.

Now, I used Spanish moss in the background of this shot, but I have to ‘fess up.  Spanish moss is not a moss at all; Spanish moss is a vascular plant.  But still looks pwetty, doesn’t it?

Oh, and check out the hair.  Mesh!

What the pretty lady is wearing:

  • Top: Phoenix Rising Oda Ruffle Top Seafoam
  • Shorts: Phoenix Rising Tiffany Shorts Forest
  • Hair: Alice Project Amiya Brown 02 with light tips
  • Skin: BLUSH Elle Pinky Cheeks
  • Pose: DeLa Stylista-01
  • Location: Pillow Talk