Enjoying the Good Life

Luna’s swatch for wenge didn’t remind me so much of the color of a tropical tree as it did the color or my garden soil.  As it happened, Laura Streeter and I were doing some gardening this past weekend at Nickee Ninetails place.  I know it looks like I’m chillin’ out in the wheelbarrow; in fact, I’m keeping Laura on task.  You know how she can be.

I thought about just posting this pic with the wenge-colored soil and being done with it, but no, that was hardly a challenge at all.  Besides, people around here are starting to decorate their front yards with tombstones and skeletons and ghosts and cobwebs, and I’m kind of getting caught up in the spirit.  (Pun intended)  So I bundled myself up in my warmest, cutest wenge, and went out in search of a SCAAAARY location.

What the pretty lady is wearing:

  • Sweater: Osakki Opulence Plum
  • Skirt: [: B!ASTA :] OKTOBERFEST Gift October 2011
  • Tights: Linc Wool Panty Gray Southwest
  • Boots: BodyMix Sabina Black Leather Boots
  • Bracelet: Uzuri Kabyle Bracelet Onyx
  • Skin: BLUSH Elle A Little Nostalgy
  • Hair: Truth Belinda Champagne
  • Pose: Reel Expressions Sex Sells V2 10