15 Favs of Bourbon's Boudoir 52 Weeks of Color Challenge

It was kind of fun going back through our old posts, seeing what we were doing a year ago, don’t you think?  And seeing how our styles have evolved.  In the mosaic above, the pictures are ordered left to right, top to bottom, from earliest to most recent.  I can make a few observations about the journey:

  • As you see, early on I did a lot of lingerie shots.  But that got old, and so later on I was shooting more street clothes.
  • Some of my earlier photography was reflective and moody; later on I lightened up quite a bit.
  • Lighting has always been my biggest technical challenge; I’m not really sure that I made any strides there.

Now rather than bid everybody a fond farewell, I can say that I am looking forward to seeing what you all will be up to with 52WoCC-Part Duex!  I’ll be there, too.  Count on it.

Peace out!