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by Yvette Donner

I was going to go outside and do a little fall cleanup in my garden, but I opened the door only to discover that it was raining!  So I came right back in and decided to blog a nice, warm fall outfit that I had put together.  I had gone to Jane to try on one of her new mesh coats.  But the convict jacket (not mesh) caught my eye; it was just what I had been looking for!  Individual colors (navy, raven, and truffle) can be purchased for L$145 each, but I bought the greedy pack, all three colors for L$245.  (I still want one of Jane’s mesh coats.)  While there, I fell in love with her scarves!  The scarves are sold in color packs; I picked up the red pack (cherry, delicious, and raspberry) for L$75.  The shorts are a group gift from COCO that can be picked at the store.

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I wanted to do something fun and sexy on my legs, so I decided on the patterned panty hose from BabyLuv Boutique.  The boots are new from Koketka.  Take a close look; the texture of the leather is amazing!  And for L$325, just too good to pass up.  Finally, the perfect the hair to top off this look arrived yesterday as a subscription gift from A&A.  A few loose strands of untamed hair hang down, and they swish nicely when I move.


  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Shorts: *COCO* Gift-DenimShorts_Pants (Group gift)
    • Zyrraphotic – Charcoal Sweater
    • JANE – convict jacket.navy
    • JANE – loop de loop scarf raspberry
    • BabyLuv Boutique Big & tiny squares  pantyhose 1
    • Koketka – Frenzy Boots-chocolate
    • Hair: A&A Tekesha Hair Cappuccino (Subscription gift)
    • Dutch Touch ::MegAn:: OLIVE
  • Pose: Manifest Cleanup 59