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by Yvette Donner

Model: Yvette Donner

This time of year I often find myself wrapped in the warm colors of autumn.  But you know?  Let’s brighten it up some.  With it’s silver fur collar and cuffs, MEB’s Helene blue velvet jacket (MEB’s November gift) is a fabulous way to start off.  Helene was released in early 2010, but true to MEB tradition, it’s quality and style have held up well, and it is a wonderful addition to any winter wardrobe.  MEB’s white leather pants really make the outfit pop; they are available on the 2nd floor of the main store.  Exposeur has such a fun gift in the store.  It’s a pair of mittens with a set of 5 poses.  The mittens are adorable, and they are scripted for 9 color options.  Now I just had to have a cozy warm hat to top this off, so it was time for a trip to one of my fav hair stores, Amacci.  Suzette is a hat-hair combo, and a matching scarf (not shown) is included.  The hat & scarf are each scripted for 9 color options.  And lastly, ok, I admit: one of my reasons for putting together this outfit was to have an excuse to show off my new mesh boots from Insolence.  Even if you regard mesh with suspicion, these are worth a look.  Camilla includes three sizes in the purchase.  In case you do have issues with the fit, full-perm alpha textures are included in the set, so you can modify these to suit your avi.  So there you have it – a nice warm fall outfit that you will totally sparkle in!

Model: Yvette Donner

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Coat: MEB Helene Blue Velvet Jacket (November gift)
    • Pants: MEB White Leather pants
    • Boots: INSOLENCE Nina Boots Brown
    • Mittens: {.:exposeur:.} Mitten (gift)
    • Hat & Hair: Amacci Hair Suzette ~ Summer Blond
    • Skin: Dutch Touch MegAn OLIVE
  • Poses
    • Top: {.:exposeur:.} Winter Mittens 3 (gift)
    • Bottom: Manifeste Inventory CleanUp 73
  • Windlight: Canimod