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by Yvette Donner

Model: Yvette Donner

When I read about Juicy Bomb’s Newbie Style Challenge II, I thought to myself, Now, there’s a challenge for you!  Cuz, you know, if you have a ton of money, you have a lot of options for putting together a pretty darned good looking avatar.  Or like, it’s easy enough to find a bunch of free stuff on Marketplace, but you don’t want to just throw together some random looking avi.  But doing an amazing avatar on L$550 or less?  The game is afoot!

To summarize the rules: total cost is L$550 or less (including cost of any pay-to-join groups); any free stuff you can find is fair game; you gotta get the stuff during the challenge time (4 Nov – 31 Dec); and no fair using library stuff.

So I wanted to make an avi that would have a really different look from any of the choices you are given when you sign up for SL.  And more than that, I wanted to give my newbie a personality.  I was aiming for a classy girl who was gentle and kind, an approachable girl you might want to make friends with.  (I’ll fool them all!  Muah-ha-hah!)  Also, I wanted to give her a seasonal outfit, warm and cuddly for these late November days.  Let’s see how I did…

Model: Yvette Donner

In my little mind, the four essentials are the skin & shape (they have to work together, even if from different designers), the hair, and the animation overrider (I consider the AO to be our body language in SL).  I found the skin & shape on L$60 weekend.  Isis is not a store I was familiar with, but I was impressed with the makeup.  That light peach lip color makes a delicate mouth, and a little shimmer under the brows really opens up the eyes.  I was pleased with the overall quality of the skin, way better than I expected for the price.  Oh, and the regular price for that skin is L$145.  I spent a lot of time looking for the right hair, but finally settled on a freebie from Analog Dog.  The color was great with this skin tone, and along with those big doe eyes from Daring, the hair style gave that soft, feminine look I wanted.  The turtleneck sweater from COCO fits well under that big cozy collar of MEB’s Helene coat.  The black sweater and navy coat go well together, but I wanted to offset them with a lighter pant.  Perfect color and classy style, the tan cords from Bokeh looked like they were made for this outfit.  Black ballerinas are a must for anyone’s closet (they go with just about anything).  These silken ballerinas from LG are embellished with a subtle brocade, and adorable gold laces pick up the color of the pants.

So I was left with a few touches to give my newbie a finished look.  Candy Nail has attractive nails that can be had for under L$100, but I scored these for free from the lucky letter board.  The skin has no lashes, but I found these tattoo lashes from Pink Acid; they give sweep to the eyes, but don’t have heavy mascara that might ruin the look of the makeup.  The AO was actually one of the first items I picked up for the avi.  There are several cheap or free AOs around, some of them really fun.  But I chose the Vista dollarbie for its natural stands.  The full body picture was posed using one of the Vista stands.

A last note.  The challenge was difficult, but way fun!  While scouring the grid for high quality freebies/cheapies, I visited stores that I don’t often go to, and many that were entirely new to me.  It gave me a new appreciation for all the designers who make our world such an amazing place.

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Skin & Shape: Isis Sorbet, Cream skin tone (L$60)
    • Hair: Analog Dog ladonna, nutmeg (L$0 Analog Dog Freeball)
    • Eyes: Eyes Daring (L$0 group gift; free to join)
    • Eye Lashes: Pink Acid Natural Eyelashes (L$30)
    • Nails & ring: Candy Nail #P069 Air Orange (L$0 Lucky letter; free to join)
    • Sweater: *COCO*_Gift_TurtleneckSweater (L$0)
    • Coat: MEB Helene (L$0 November group gift; free to join)
    • Pants: Bokeh – Fords Cords “Tan” (L$25 Marketplace)
    • Shoes: *LG* Black Silk Ballerinas (L$30)
  • Animation Overrider: Vista Animations VISTA BASIC FEMALE AO V08 (L$1)
  • TOTAL COST: L$146

    Poses: LAP Poise (Headshot); Manifeste Inventory Cleanup 10 (Full Body)